Special Coaching

Gulfshore Ballet is pleased to offer special coaching for both Gulfshore Ballet students as well as non-Gulfshore Ballet students who are eligible* for competition and other dance related professional activities. Gulfshore Ballet offers students in the community the opportunity to engage in special coaching for the following types of programs:

•    in & out of state competition programs (Youth America Grand Prix, Universal Ballet
     Competition, World Ballet Competition, and American Dance Competition)
•    scholarship competition programs
•    ballet class for ice skaters
•    ballet class for gymnasts
•    musical theater character development and stage presence
•    coaching in classical ballet, contemporary, solo competition, group competition

Special coaching sessions are provided by Gulfshore Ballet Artistic Directors Iliana Lopez and Franklin Gamero, a husband and wife team and both former principal dancers with the Miami City Ballet. Ms. Lopez & Mr. Gamero have extensive performing and teaching experience and are able to provide master instruction in the competitive dance and performance world. 

Ms. Lopez has instructed master classes at the Universal Ballet Competition 2016, held  in Miromar, Florida on February 20th&21st, 2016, and Mr. Gamero has been a judge at the American Dance Competition. Both Lopez & Gamero were invited to provide private coaching sessions with a number of students from the Meg Segreto Dance Center, all of whom placed at YAGP finals in New York, as well as teaching master classes at the Magda Aunon school of classical ballet in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the Regional Dance America- Southwest from April 8-10, 2016.

During Gulfshore Ballet’s off season months, Ms. Lopez & Mr. Gamero teach summer intensive programs at the Orlando Ballet (Jacksonville & Orlando) and the Saratoga Summer Dance Intensive in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

Below are some points to consider when a student is interested in training for competitive programs:
•    in most cases, the student will be required to attend a minimum of three classes per week for
     up to 3 hours a day 
•    the recommended time for preparation is three months in advance of the competition date
•    the cost varies from student to student & competition to competition. Fees range depending on
     the total number of coaching sessions and hours. 
•    students who hire GSB staff for new choreographic works will be charged at a higher rate
     than those students who have their own routine and require coaching in refining their movement
     skills and stage presentation. 

For more information, please contact the Gulfshore Ballet studios at (239) 590-6191 or visit our website www.gsballet.org | gulfshoreballet@gmail.com

*Gulfshore Ballet artistic staff reserves the right to determine eligibility for competition training