Pre-Ballet Division

Beginner Ballet:

Gulfshore Ballet will now offer a beginner ballet class on Saturdays. Designed for the youngest of our students, this class will focus on creative movement with the use of basic ballet skills and vocabulary, while practicing classroom etiquette, personal space, general space, and self-control. No previous ballet training is necessary.

Pre-Ballet 1:

Pre-Ballet 1 offers an introduction to the art of dance by promoting the exploration of creativity and expression through movement. The use of scarves, hoops, bean bags, and child-friendly music enhance the learning environment for this age group and enhances the development and improvement of motor skills, coordination, attention and listening skills, and provides the student with the skills necessary to continue their study of ballet at the next level.

Pre-Ballet 2:

Pre-Ballet 2 students will begin a more formal study of Classical Ballet. Building on the skills learned in Pre-Ballet 1, students will continue to improve their physical skills, creative abilities and rhythmic skills. The student will continue to expand ballet vocabulary to prepare them of the elementary level of instruction.