New Classes in 2016-2017

Gyrokinesis is an exercise movement developed by Juliu Horvath, a professional dancer who developed a system of exercises based on fluid movements that offer similar benefits to that of other fitness forms. Designed to work the entire body through spinal movement and joint articulation, Gyrokinesis is a method that enables the dancer to practice exercises that develop stability, core strength and range of motion. Dancers will engage in new movement experiences, which will enrich their potential, enabling the body to learn through variation. Some of the benefits of the Gyrokineses method include increased strength and flexibility, renewed energy and vitality and a general sense of well being. 

Vaganova Floor Barre
The Vaganova method is a method of teaching classical ballet that was founded by Agrippina Vaganova. Its origins are derived form the teaching methods of the instructors of the Imperial Ballet School, and fuse the elements of the French, Italian and other influences from Russian dancers and teachers. When ballet technique and alignment principles are applied to the floor, it enables the dancer to improve movement execution, alignment and efficiency of the muscles as well as gaining a deeper understanding of movement principles, resulting in strengthening technique performed in a traditional class. 

Contemporary/Lyrical (Jazz/Musical Theatre)
Contemporary dance tends to combine the strong and controlled leg work of ballet with modern dance emphasis on the torso, also employing the principles of contract and release. Floor work and improvisation characteristics of modern dance are included.