New Class Offering: Boys Saturday Class

Gulfshore Ballet is pleased to present an addition to our schedule, featuring a class specifically designed for boys!

Gulfshore Ballet's Boys' Class

The Boys Saturday class features a traditional classical ballet class, including skills practiced at the barre and in the center. Participants will learn the structure, sequence and combinations of the traditional classical ballet class, with an emphasis on sequences and training methods specifically designed for boys. In this class, you will practice essential physical and mental skills needed to develop strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, confidence, and athleticism.

Level 3 – up (11-15 yrs. old)                Saturday 10:30-11:30 AM

Part-time (Saturday only) boys: $40.00 annual enrollment fee. $15.00 per class

Full-time (Scholarship) boys: $40 annual enrollment fee, no charge per class

Boys full-time Scholarship Program

Boys who are enrolled in Gulfshore Ballet’s regular program of study are on a full scholarship. Scholarship recipients are required to enroll and participate in their recommended level as determined by their instructor or a school director, and are required to participate in 2 annual school performances.

Level 1 – up

*annual enrollment fee, private lesson tuition, performance, costume, rehearsal fees are additional