Intermediate Division

Level 3

Level 3 students meet 3 days per week and will continue their training with 3 technique classes per week, one 60 minute pre-pointe class, and the addition of the Vaganova Floor Barre class.  In addition to practicing and refining previously learned skills in the Elementary Division, students will begin applying these skills to the ballet barre and to center work. Students working in the Intermediate Division are also introduced to a wider variety of dance elective classes.

Level 4

Level 4 students meet 4 days per week and will continue their training with 4 technique classes and 2 pointe classes per week. In addition, Level 4 will receive training in Contemporary (Jazz/Musical Theatre) and Vaganova Floor Barre. These classes are designed to build core strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. They will continue to develop and refine their classical ballet technique and develop a stronger understanding of the body’s movement, an increased awareness and appreciation of the fitness benefits associated with movement, and an increased awareness of the commitment needed to further one’s training in Classical Ballet. Students at this level will be working on Pointe skills and technique.  Upon completion of the Intermediate Division, the dancer has developed an extensive classical ballet vocabulary and is prepared to progress into the Advanced Division. 

Level 5

Level 5 students meet 5 days per week and will continue their training with 5 technique classes and 2 pointe classes per week.  In addition to the required ballet curriculum, Pointe and variations are also integrated into the curriculum to expand upon their existing techniques and to enhance the dancer’s versatility. Upon completion students will have mastered a thorough knowledge of the classical ballet vocabulary while gaining supplemental training in Contemporary (Jazz/Musical Theatre), and Vaganova Floor Barre. With the development of strong Classical Ballet Technique, students have gained valuable life skills such as commitment, discipline, motivation, confidence, and self-esteem.