The curriculum at Gulfshore Ballet is designed to meet the needs of those students who are striving to achieve a professional career in Classical Ballet while also maintaining class options for the dancer who wishes to study ballet to support other dance forms.  Our program is also for those who wish to take classes for the pure enjoyment and exposure to movement. Each level of our curriculum fosters a strong technical foundation and a high level of discipline and commitment.

Our program allows for students to begin their training at a young age. Beginning with the Pre-Ballet Division, young learners creatively express themselves and explore movement while developing self-control, discipline, and rhythmic skills. As the student moves through the school at each level, they will be afforded the opportunity to progress into higher levels of instruction. At the Pre-Professional level, the student will have received a full understanding of the art of Classical Ballet, a strong technical base, a comprehensive dance vocabulary, fluidity, grace, and discipline.

It is our goal for students at the Pre-Professional level to have the technical and performing skills that will enable them to audition for, and study with, professional dance schools or to study dance at an institution of higher education.

The curriculum at Gulfshore Ballet includes a training syllabus for dancers at each level for each academic year. Class offerings include Classical Ballet, Pointe, and classical variations, as well as Jazz, Tap, Pilates, and Contemporary/Lyrical classes. All of our classes emphasize correct body alignment, and correct Classical Ballet technique. Each student’s class level is determined by the instructor and is based on an individual assessment during the trial class. All students will receive corrective feedback throughout the year to help them develop the physical skills necessary to improve and advance.