Casting and Performance Preparation




Casting and Performance Preparation

At Gulfshore Ballet, we believe that performing is a vital part of each dancer’s education.  For this reason, we attempt to provide a successful performance experience for our students in Pre-Ballet 2 through Level 8.

Our fall production is Tchaikovsky’s family favorite classic, The Nutcracker. In the spring, we draw from other well-known classical works and add new works to our students’ range and depth of experience. Both productions are enormous undertakings and require many hours of rehearsal for dancers, staff and volunteers.


All students involved in production will be cast in roles appropriate to their age and skill level. Roles are given according to each level at the school and not at the parent’s request or discretion. The artistic staff at Gulfshore Ballet will cast the production as a team. Roles will not be up for discussion with the Artistic or Executive Directors.  Attendance in class, energy level and effort, ability to receive and apply corrections toward improvement, and general attitude and behavior are all considerations when casting students for particular roles.  

Parents and/or students may be less than thrilled with the part(s) for which they have been assigned. Each student needs to find within themselves a way to make their role(s) interesting and exciting. Then it will be so for the audience. Having a negative or inattentive attitude adversely affects not only the individual but the entire group performing the dance. We seek to educate our parents and students to understand that there are no small roles in a production. Each role is integral to the entire performance and contributes toward its success in both story-telling and dancing. We ask all of our parents and students to embrace their roles with enthusiasm and dedication.

Performance Fees

All students are required to submit a signed commitment form and a non-refundable performance fee of $150.00. This fee includes extra studio and theater rehearsals, costume orders, costume cleaning and preparation, hair accessories, and other performance related expenses.


Attendance in all classes and rehearsals is essential to improving classroom skills and to successfully prepare for a performance. Excessive absences (3 or more) from classes or performances may affect a student’s readiness for a performance. Excessive absences will result in a determination made by the Artistic Director and/or instructor as to the student’s readiness to perform on stage. We strongly encourage students who have excessive absences to either (1) attend a make-up class at a level lower than the current level, or (2) schedule a private lesson (additional fees apply).

It is especially important not to miss rehearsals when a dance is being set during class time. If you do miss class during this time, it is the student’s responsibility to catch up and learn what he/she has missed. It is not time-efficient for the instructor and students to repeatedly go back to re-teach a segment of choreography due to a student missing class/rehearsal.

Parents, it is important to understand the nature of technical rehearsals. There is no exact time to give you when your student will begin or end. If rehearsals are from 5-8 PM, we expect students to stay the entire time, unless an early dismissal by level is noted on the rehearsal schedule. We do our best to stay as close to the schedule as possible, but there are always unforeseen circumstances. The dancing is only a portion of the whole production. Please be patient with changes and delays.